An architectural practice managed by Oded Pfeffermann established in 1992

Graduated from the Technion in Haifa, the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in 1985

Oded Pfeffermann was chosen to be among the leading and influential architects of the decade in 2011

The firm deals with a variety of areas of planning:

  • Residential planning

  • Design for luxury homes

  • Residential buildings

  • Design works for the authorities, Restoration of premises

  • Planning of office and public buildings

  • Environment and landscape design

  • Interior design for homes &  offices

  • Residential interior design

  • Planning and Interior design for hotels

  • Planning of communication centers – outsourcing

A great deal of knowledge has accumulated in planning a wide range of projects in various fields.

Professional experience was acquired in Israel and in London England working for S.O.M. Architects firm, Involved in the design of a major business center in south east London Canary Wharf dockland London between 1988-1992.

The planning in this project included: offices, commerce, leisure activities and urban design Planning of streets and seating areas designated for outdoor performances.

The buildings were carefully integrated into the open green areas with access to the Thames River

Conceptual planning

There is Significant emphasis for the design aspects of integrating the way of life into the nature of Architecture.

The building is part of the surrounding environment. Planning the environment concept together with the design of the buildings & Planning of public buildings of various types.

The planning is comprehensive, includs the construction of a three-dimensional work model combined with the architectural planning process.

The involvement in the planning procedure from the early stages is essential. Learning the theme to its various components, is necessary in the planning process. Adjusting the planning to budget requirements, as well as preparing tenders for planning as part of the overall work process.

There is coordination between the various consultants integrating the details of the execution plans and their  suitability to the architectural design.

The planning team of the practice includes a number of architects who accompany the projects in the various stages.

The web-site presents some of the various projects that have been carried out in recent years.